Psychoanalysis (also called analysis) is a specialized intensive therapy. It provides a unique opportunity to expand and understand an individual’s emotional life in depth. The reasons people enter analysis are the same as those which bring them to psychotherapy: depression, anxiety, relationship problems, inhibitions, and constrictions in one’s work and love life, for instance. But the goals are more ambitious. In contrast to other therapies, psychoanalysis seeks once and for all to resolve the underlying conflicts which can create and propel one’s symptoms. Psychoanalysis is the original “Talking Cure” and has been practiced continuously since the 1880’s. It is the most comprehensive mental health treatment available today for healing many types of mental distresses and promoting personal growth and development. Analysis may be the treatment of choice when other efforts have not been adequate.

Clinicians completing psychoanalytic training have undergone the most lengthy and rigorous education of any mental health specialty. Dr. Bloom has received many years of post-doctoral training in psychoanalysis. He graduated from the University of North Carolina-Duke University Psychoanalytic Education Program. He is a member of the NC Psychoanalytic Society and an affiliate of the Association for Child Psychoanalysis.